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What We Do

The Challenge

Originally formed in 2018, AskTraders was born with the aim to share the experiences of its professional team to guide new traders to learn to profit from the financial markets. The primary goal of its website is to provide insightful market trends and trade analysis by experts that the traders can leverage.

As their business grows, AskTraders moves to expand their market globally, including Malaysia. Looking for suitable approaches to boost its revenue stream, AskTraders is looking to have more localised content and relevant backlinks to increase its website’s organic traffic. In 6 months, our team at iMarketing has worked together with the client in our customised SEO Projects to help achieve clients’ desired goals.


Our Approach

Success often comes with the realization of what has and what has not succeeded. That’s why we set to carry out a full digital audit when iMarketing hopped on board. Then Our team unveiled the fast gains and all the elements for long-term development. Then we built an SEO approach and SMM strategy to achieve the next level of organic presence.


Our Strategy

Creative Content

Good content is a vital piece for a page's rating. Early on, in BOS Boutique pages, we found a crucial growth opportunity - many of them with a low content targeting keywords. This is why it was one of our next moves to bend over into the material front. We also revamped existing pages and launched new pages in the subcategory.

Increase Conversion

Our team came up with a content plan to make user experiences further intuitive and contributing to more conversions and sales. This included recommendations on which category pages to release, add more items, and track conversion paths using analytics. We already have seen a growth in conversions by 5.49 % in 12 months.

Facebook Ads

To drive store location awareness, our team started posting high-quality ads on Facebook. One of the aims was to improve brand-new searches and to introduce a new ready-to-buy customer on the web site's front and center.


The Result

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