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Company Background:

 Company Name:

Industry: Online Food Ordering Platform

Overview: is a well-established online food ordering platform that specializes in delivering a wide range of delicious wings, rings, and other delectable treats to customers’ doorsteps

Problem Statement or Challenge: experienced a noticeable decline in online food orders, indicating a need for innovative marketing approaches to regain customer engagement and boost sales.


Enexventures, a renowned digital marketing agency, partnered with to formulate and execute a comprehensive strategy for rejuvenating their online sales.

 Strategic Social Media Marketing:

 Conducted a thorough analysis of’s social media presence, identifying areas for improvement.

Developed a content calendar to ensure consistent and engaging posts across platforms, focusing on mouthwatering visuals and customer testimonials.

Implemented targeted advertising campaigns to reach local food enthusiasts and create brand awareness.

Engaged with the audience through regular interactions, responding promptly to inquiries and feedback.


Effective Email Marketing Campaigns: 

Segmenting the customer database to send personalized and relevant content to different customer groups.

Designed eye-catching email templates showcasing special offers, new menu items, and promotions.

Implemented automated email sequences, including order confirmations, delivery notifications, and follow-up surveys.

Monitored email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics for continuous improvement.

Implementation Details: 

The Social Media Marketing campaign spanned six months, involving daily posts, ad campaigns, and engagement activities.

Email Marketing campaigns were scheduled bi-weekly, with A/B testing of different email content and subject lines.


Social Media Engagement: Increased by 50% within three months, with a growing follower base.

Email Open Rates: Improved from 20% to 35% through targeted and engaging content.

Online Food Orders: Witnessed a remarkable recovery, with a 60% increase in orders compared to the previous year.


Enexventures breathed new life into our brand. Their Social Media and Email Marketing strategies have had a profound impact on our online sales




 Jan 2023: Commencement of Social Media Marketing

Apr 2023: Initiation of Email Marketing Campaigns

Jul 2023: Significant Increase in Online Food Orders

Lessons Learned:

 Consistent and engaging social media presence can reinvigorate customer interest and drive sales.

Personalized email marketing campaigns tailored to customer segments yield higher open and conversion rates.

Frequent monitoring and data-driven adjustments are key to the success of digital marketing efforts.