The Power of Google Maps SEO and Google Ads A Case Study of

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Introduction, a well-established plumbing company renowned for its top-tier plumbing services in FL, USA, has earned a distinguished reputation through decades of industry experience. With a loyal customer base and expertise in emergency services, routine maintenance, repairs, replacements, and new installations, has excelled in delivering excellence. However, despite their outstanding services, Peaden faced challenges in effectively reaching their prospects. This case study explores how Enexventures not only assisted in leveraging the power of Google Maps SEO and Google ads but also introduced a cutting-edge chatbot solution to overcome these challenges and connect more efficiently with their target audience.

The Challenge, despite being a trusted name in the plumbing industry, was struggling to reach its potential customers effectively. They were facing difficulties in generating leads and expanding their customer base. Peaden recognized the need to improve their online presence and enhance visibility to attract more prospects.

The Solution

Enexventures, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and online advertising, stepped in to address’s challenges. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of Peaden’s marketing strategies and online presence, Enexventures recommended a dual-pronged approach: harnessing the potential of Google Maps SEO, running targeted Google ads, and introducing an innovative chatbot solution.

Google Maps SEO

Enexventures recognized the potential of Google Maps as a powerful tool to increase Peaden’s online visibility and attract local customers. They implemented a comprehensive Google Maps SEO strategy to optimize Peaden’s presence on the platform. This involved:

1. Optimizing Peaden’s Google My Business listing: Enexventures ensured that all relevant business information, such as contact details, service areas, and operating hours, was accurate and current. They also added high-quality images and encouraged customers to leave positive

  1. Local keyword research and optimization: Enexventures conducted extensive keyword research to identify the terms and phrases commonly used by local customers when searching for plumbing services. They optimized Peaden’s website and Google My Business listing with these keywords to improve their ranking in local search results.
  2. Citations and directory listings: Enexventures created consistent and accurate citations and directory listings for across various online platforms. This helped to establish Peaden’s credibility and improve its visibility in local search results.

Google Ads Campaign

Enexventures devised a targeted Google Ads campaign to enhance Peaden’s online reach further. They carefully researched and selected relevant keywords and designed compelling ad copy to attract potential customers. The campaign targeted specific service areas and demographics to maximize its effectiveness. Enexventures continually monitored and optimized the campaign to ensure maximum ROI for


Implementing the Google Maps SEO strategy and the targeted Google Ads campaign yielded significant results for The following outcomes were observed:

  1. Increased online visibility: Peaden’s presence on Google Maps substantially improved, resulting in higher visibility in local search results. This increased exposure attracted more prospects and generated leads.
  2. Improved lead generation: The combined efforts of an optimized Google Maps presence, a targeted Google Ads campaign, and the innovative chatbot solution led to a noticeable increase in leads for Enhanced online visibility and targeted advertising successfully attracted potential customers.
  1. Expanded customer base: experienced an expansion of its customer base due to improved marketing strategies. The increased visibility and lead generation efforts allowed them to connect with a broader audience and convert more prospects into loyal customers.
  2. Enhanced brand reputation: Positive reviews and ratings on Peaden’s Google My Business listing further fortified their brand reputation. The improved online presence and customer engagement contributed to a positive perception of within the local community.


Through the strategic implementation of Google Maps SEO and targeted Google Ads campaigns, Enexventures helped overcome its marketing challenges and establish a more substantial online presence. The direct results of these efforts were increased visibility, improved lead generation, expanded customer base, and enhanced brand reputation. can now confidently continue its mission of providing top-tier plumbing services, knowing they have an effective digital marketing strategy to reach its target audience efficiently.